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[TALK] The threat of the digital polymorphism: Cyber Security in the IoT times

I talked at a healthcare conference back home last month which I would like to share it here and maybe keep the ball rolling to discuss even more about those new threats that are becoming even more sophisticated, evasive and … Continue reading

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B.Sc. Dissertation: Malware Analysis: Understanding the functioning of malicious artifacts to manually generate defenses

This dissertation is related a malware analysis, describing the processes, methods and tools. The malware detection process is described step by step, using static and dynamic analysis techniques. As proof of concept, we present the static and dynamic analysis of … Continue reading

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SDN – A compiled guide

Hello guys! I know that I took a long time to come back but I’m doing a lot of things at the same time, as always, although I decided to start to publish some works that I’ve done until now. … Continue reading

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Vim Editor – A quick reference guide

I decided to make a research about operators in vim, because now I’m using so much this editor, instead of mc (midnight commander) that isn’t the default editor in many Linux distributions. Vim have some operators types as described bellow. Navigation … Continue reading

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FortiOS Sniffer (explained) – Part1

As my first post, I want to tell you about the sniffer function in Fortinet FortiOS. In the FortiOS we have a sniffer similar to linux tcpdump, and the syntax is very close to tcpdump. We can export the result … Continue reading

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